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TED LALONDE is the guitarist and vocalist, he has been
playing guitar he was 10 and singing since 16. All self taught ; with
the exception of 4 lessons from the late Bernie Jaffe.  He has played
with bands such as Whiskey Down, Rubberneck, as well as joined
the stagewith well known Kingston musicians Peter & Sheila Bedard,
Donna and Barry Mountenay, Bob Shore, Wayne Vandebogardt,
Charlie King as well as many others. His musical influences are Dwight
Yoakam, Meatloaf and the Kentucky Headhunters.

Right Now we have several part time drummers on call. We use Larry Walton, Dave Washburn, and a few others...

JOHN LALONDE is the bass player and lead vocalist, he has been
playing for 4 years and singing before he could talk. He also can play
a mean guitar with alot of versatillity; this guy also plays in a metal band
called Diluted. He and his brother have been playing bars and jams for
years around the area and has also shared the stage with Bob Shore,
Wayne Vandebogardt, Joe and Pam Vancoughnett (Picket Fences),
Charlie King to name a few.Johns musical influences are Hank Williams
sr, Hank Williams III, Dwight yoakam, Seether, Nirvana, Chevelle etc.